On Kindness

Last week I revealed that I have been recently diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and that the diagnosis has given me an explanation for all the weird symptoms I had been experiencing for a long while now. I believe I mentioned how relieved I was to find out that they weren't all in my head!… Continue reading On Kindness


A New Reason to Take it Easy

It is kind of funny that I started a blog called Island Pace, wanting to chronicle my transition to a slower-paced life not yet having any idea of how important that transition was about to become. Some of the things that I love about Okinawa - the sun, the heat, the ability to be outside surrounded by beauty on a daily basis, the humidity (just kidding, don't love the humidity that much) - are the same things that seemed to have triggered a worsening in my health.

My Need for an Advisor and Odo Beach

I've written a lot of things since I was first able to hold a pencil and spell: countless poems, essays, stories, blog posts and 2 theses; but my dream has always been to write a novel. None of the above writing-tasks that I have completed seem to comparable to the arduous task of finishing one… Continue reading My Need for an Advisor and Odo Beach

Self-care and Minamihama

It's been a quiet week around here, the rain of rainy season has finally arrived so I have been taking it easy. The dams in Okinawa are low and the rain is much needed; I am thankful it has come, while hoping that the heavy rain forecast won't cause any problems like the torrential rains… Continue reading Self-care and Minamihama

Adventure and a Change of Pace

In spite of my former post, in which I vowed to stick to a routine, I've pretty much decided to forget-that and just do what I want when I want around here. I started Island Pace in order to explore my new surroundings and document the challenge of easing into a slower-paced lifestyle, then I totally… Continue reading Adventure and a Change of Pace