New Year Trip

Today's post is about our little trip which took place over the main new year holiday in January in Japan, and it includes lots of pics!


A Contemplation on Kitchens

Almost everyday around 9 or 10 am the scent of something delicious smelling permeates the air around the number 3 building of the military housing complex. I like to imagine that I share this building with a rebellious housewife who waits for her husband and kids to be gone off to work and school before… Continue reading A Contemplation on Kitchens

An Excursion up the Island

Last weekend was a long weekend in Japan, with the Monday being a holiday for Sport's Day. Luckily my son's school held their Sport's Festival in September and my husband wasn't working, so our family was free to take a little trip midway up the island. Our first destination was Kouri Island, a tiny island… Continue reading An Excursion up the Island

The Tale of Typhoon Trami

Once upon a time there was a peaceful little island in the Pacific that was just sitting around being beautiful and minding its own business, growing some lush green sugarcane. One day a depressed tropical airmass caught wind of the beautiful island and began to grow jealous. "That island thinks it's so gorgeous with its… Continue reading The Tale of Typhoon Trami